Basic Meal Service

My fee will include menu planning, shopping for the main ingredients, preparing and cooking (labor costs) packaging, safely storing and written instructions on heating the prepared foods. I will also clean your kitchen after meal service. The basic personal chef meal services I offer are the 5/4 plan 5 meals x 4 portions= 20 servings. The 4/4 plan which is 4 meals x 4 portions= 16 servings and the 3/ 4 plan which is 3 meals x 4 portions=12 servings. Together we can decide which plan is better suited for you and your family’s needs. Additional portions are $65.00 a portion per basic meal plan/option. One portion for the main meal is 6 to 8 ounces per person. For side vegetables and side starches/grains approximately 2 cups per person. Soups substituted for meals are approximately 8 quarts in total. Should the client so choose there are upgrades and add-ons to any meal service. Prices vary depending on food/meal chosen. Some ethnic specialty meals are not included in the basic meal plan. If the client chooses an asterisk specialty ethnic option, there will be an additional charge. There will be a separate charge for the cost of the main ingredients in addition to the personal chef service fee for weekly meals and also any dinner/party events. I have over 2.000 menu selections a client can select for either a meal service or in home catered dinner party. The client/chef service agreement covers more details. A receipt and client invoice will be provided.

Basic Meal Service Plan Pricing


5 4 20 $400
4 4 16 $365
3 4 12 $325

Additional Portions: $65.00 per Person. Each Portion is 6-8 Ounces for Main Meal and 2 Cups per Portion for Side Dishes.

Add-Ons and Upgrades Are Available. Pricing of Add-Ons &Upgrades Depends on Selections.

Custom Meals, Portions, Servings are Available on Certain Food Selections.

Client is Responsible for FEE + COST OF GROCERIES (groceries not included in fee).

Client Will Be Charged Separately for Storage Containers. A One Time Fee for Glass Containers (approx. $125.00 or less, client keeps storage containers) or Disposable Containers ($15-$25.00 fee each meal service)

Initial Client Consultation/Assessment is Free.

Fee Includes: Menu Planning, Travel Time, Paperwork, Shopping, Labor (Cooking), Packaging and Storing Food, Written Heating Instructions, Cleaning Kitchen Area. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash, Check, Money Order, Debit Cards or Credit Cards.



I shop from several markets that include Greek and Italian specialty stores, Middle-Eastern, Caribbean, South American and Asian specialty stores, Salumeria, Butcher and Pork stores, Wild and Organic Game Farms. A few supermarkets, such as Whole Foods, Wild by Nature and Stew Leonards. I am meticulous about the quality of my ingredients. Great produce makes for great and tasty meals. Perhaps you have a store you frequent; I can also shop at the store you prefer. I do not compromise on seafood. I only buy from reputable seafood markets that strictly adhere to the Department of Health codes. The stores/markets I have used through the years offer fine quality produce at affordable and reasonable prices. My expertise has taught me to shop for the best quality at the best value. Together we can decide which stores are best based on your selections.

Meal Packages And Services

Meal packages are based on your family size and preferences. A meal consists of a meat/or poultry/or pork/or seafood dish, one starch or one vegetable. There are many other combinations that I can discuss with you. I accommodate single people, couples, families, expectant moms, people recovering from surgery or rehabilitation, holiday/event parties, large or small dinner parties, and in home catering for any event. Prices vary based on the menu selections, labor input, food amounts and types of services offered. See basic menu plan for pricing and meal options. As a personal chef for meal service, I offer weekly services, bi-monthly or monthly services.

I would be happy to design a party themed menu and cook for any party or event you’d like. Please review the wonderful custom designed party/dinner options on our website under Party/ Holiday Dinner and Events. Call for a quote or contact Chef Maria utilizing the contact information form. My meals are ample portions. Handling, heating, temperatures for oven and refrigerator and storage tips are provided with every meal. Allow for room in your refrigerator/freezer. We can discuss more about how much room is needed in your refrigerator/freezer, size of storage containers, and price/fees during the consultation. Let’s partner together and I’ll provide fresh, wholesome, rustic meals you and loved ones will enjoy.

Gift Certificates

MG Meal Appeal offers gift certificates in various amounts that you can purchase for loved ones and friends. Don’t fret over “What’s for dinner?” Or the prospect of driving through yet another fast food establishment. Purchase a gift card and let Chef Maria cook her magic bringing family back together again. Also great for parties and in-home catered dinners.

Buy a Gift Card For

  • Company Parties
  • Business Lunches
  • Singles
  • Working Moms and Dads
  • Family
  • Expectant Moms
  • Patients Recovering from Surgery or a Medical Condition
  • Rehabilitation
  • Baby or Wedding Showers
  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Romantic Dinners
  • Family Reunions
  • Children’s Parties
  • Seasonal or Holiday Parties/Events

Personal Chef Meal Services

The basic personal chef meal services I offer are the 5/4 plan 5 meals x 4 portions= 20 servings. The 4/4 plan which is 4 meals x 4 portions= 16 servings and the 3/ 4 plan which is 3 meals x 4 portions=12 servings. Together we can decide which plan is better suited for you and your family’s needs.

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Party/Holiday Dinner and Events

Chef Maria can tailor any party to fit your theme or needs. Chef Maria will uniquely create a menu based on client diet, personal and party preferences. Chef Maria’s professional experience in multi-ethnic and American cuisine makes her dinner party selections amazingly delicious, unique, vast and limitless.

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