Party/Holiday Dinner and Events

  • Chef Maria can tailor any party or dinner to fit your theme, event and needs. Chef Maria will uniquely create a menu based on client diet, personal and party preferences. There are many unique fusion and specialty options than ones listed below that Chef Maria can design for you. Your event will be a hit with your guests.
  • Chef Maria’s professional experience in multi-ethnic and American cuisine makes her dinner party selections amazingly delicious, unique, vast and limitless.
  • You can select 3, 4, 5 or 6 course dinners options.
  • Other party/dinner options are buffet, sit-down, family style, passed hors d’oeuvres or any combination.
  • Prices vary based on course/food selections, amount, size of party, and/or combinations selected.
  • Choose from any creative dinner party selections below. Perhaps you prefer a personally designed dinner option. Creativity is Chef Maria’s specialty. She’ll make your dinner party/event a mesmerizing experience! Your satisfaction and good times guaranteed! You’ve got the guests; we’ll do the rest. Don’t wait -Call today! Contact Chef Maria via phone 1-631-226-0785 or e-mail

Around the Globe


  1. The Venetian– Fine Italian Cuisine
  2. The Roman-Rustic Italian Cuisine
  3. The Athenian-Fine Greek Cuisine
  4. The Spartan-Rustic Greek Cuisine
  5. South Mex-Southern cooking meets Mexican cuisine
  6. The South Pacific-Tropical infused meal selections
  7. Poseidon’s Paradise– Unique seafood selections
  8. The Romantico-Sexy fare with flair for couples or larger groups.
  9. Meat Craver’s Delight-All Meat cuisine prepared creatively in American or ethnic variety.
  10. Veggie Palooza-Who says veggies are boring? Vegetable entrees with Pizazz and created in multi-ethnic varieties! Can be prepared Vegan style too.

On the Fun Side!


  1. Cheese-a-licious-Dynamic cheese inspired selections for the cheese lover in you!
  2. The Old Fashioned-Comfort Foods that remind you of your childhood favorites-Only better!
  3. The Mystery Ingredient-Make your guests wonder the hidden mystery ingredient used in every course. Winner gets a prize!
  4. The Kitchen Sink– Combine dinner entrees with dessert and other creations. Combine seafood with meat or Vegetarian dishes. Many interesting choices.
  5. Dessert Only-American or Ethnic dessert inspired creations served throughout the party. Passed hors d’ oeuvres and/or buffet style, served with dessert wine/liquors.



  1. Game On! -Refined or Rustic Game Meat selections
  2. Natural and Wild– Various selections of offal that are unique and innovative.
  3. The Mad Hatter-Upside down, inside out, reversed meals and tea- infused food creations.
  4. Wake the Spirits– Alcohol infused menu selections that will awaken your senses and taste buds. From appetizers to dessert.
  5. Towering Heights-Stackable and delectables meet new heights.

There are many other Daring and Deliciously Different menu options that Chef Maria can review with you. Call for more information about one of a kind specialized options that will fascinate your guests.

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