Meet Chef Maria Gerrato

chef-imgAllow me to respectfully introduce myself. My name is Maria Gerrato and I have a love and passion for cooking fresh, home-style, clean, healthy and nutritious recipes for 30 years. I’ve worked in the food industry since I was 16 years old. I come from a long line of highly skilled chefs who were amazingly gifted and ranged in experience from being proprietors of restaurants, international executive chefs and caterers. I had the privilege of training under Kostantinos Chalos, my father, who was a highly skilled international executive chef for nearly 50 years and restauranteur for 35 years. Traveling to over 30 countries, my father mastered the art of multi-ethnic cuisine. I was blessed to train under his guidance and learn his unique expertise. I also completed training with American Personal and Private Chef Association. I’m a proud member of their association. Spending my early years in Greece, I was raised to eat fresh fruits and vegetables grown on farms and fields, grass- fed livestock and fresh fish from the Mediterranean Sea. Everything we ate was natural, wholesome, pure, free of additives, chemicals and antibiotics. We wasted nothing and cooked food items in very inventive and sustainable ways.
What is considered inventive today was a way of life for us. I’ll bring that purity, quality and zestiness to you.


Food meant more to my family than just nourishment; it was a way of connecting, nurturing and honoring family traditions. The name of my company is MG Meal Appeal. I chose that name because meals are more than just nourishment-food is art. We eat with our eyes and every meal should be just as appealing to our senses. I create foods that taste great, make you feel good, and deliciously appeal to your senses. I enjoy fusing the past with the present to create a new twist on many old world recipes. As a certified safety food handler, I give exceptional care to quality of food, cleanliness, cooking techniques, storing of food with the end product being a nutritious, scrumptious meal you and the family will love. I have a vast knowledge of multi-ethnic cooking. I’m equally skilled with cooking American foods too. Creating meals that suit your taste, preference and diet is inspiring to me.


You-the Client-matter a lot to me. I care about your well-being. The input and information you provide will assist me with properly planning, preparing and making your meals. I utilize a person centered approach. I offer a free initial consultation. Your wellness is my priority. You may be on a low-sodium diet, weight reducing diet, gluten free, or diabetic diet as instructed by your physician or have allergies to foods. I will help plan a menu specific to your dietary needs. I previously worked as a Sr. Manager at a Day Habilitation facility for Developmentally Disabled Adults for 15 years. Health and safety of our clientele was paramount. I am trained in American Red Cross CPR, First Aid and AED. I am also trained on choking precautions, food and liquid consistency. I’m a Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens County and N.Y. C. certified safety food handler. If customer prefers, I can work in conjunction with your doctor or nutritionist to develop the healthiest and tastiest meal plan specific to your diet needs. Our consultation is comprehensive and informative. Your wellness matters to me. Healthy doesn’t mean bland and boring. My expertise will show you how creative and delicious healthy foods can be. I can tweak many of these recipes to allow you to follow specific dietary guidelines. Creativity and menu design is my specialty!

My Family Life

Much like yourself, I am a family woman. Family is woven into the fabric of my soul. I’ve been blessed to be married to my husband Anthony for 25 years and together we have two healthy, beautiful adult sons. My joy is being their mother. I credit them for making me the person I’ve grown to be. Ensuring they received nutritious, healthy meals was challenging when they were younger. They. too, liked processed foods. Much of my creative meals came from their desire to eat fast food. Instead, I created healthy versions of comfort and fast foods feeling satisfied they were avoiding the chemicals, additives and impurities in those foods. Years later, they still keep me on my toes and they always have me creating healthy and innovative meals they love to eat! I love you sons!!